The Sun & Stars are Always Shining

It's damaging to our souls when we lose a beloved friend, family member or artist to death by their own hand, whether suicide, or overdose. It stings especialy hard when we take specific pause as a Nation to learn the lurid details surrounding the potential reasoning behind why.

You see, we all have times of pain. Some of us seemingly more, or longer, or stronger moments & for some a lifetime shroud,..... but fragments of time nonetheless.

We are NOT alone, but oftentimes feel that way.

These famed artists that leave us too soon,...their gifts reached us.

Let it not be in vain. Let their former, Earthly light never fade from our hearts.

Let the light of their spirit & craft reach us....let the light in their death (yes, it is even there), let it reach us for learning that we are never, ever, ...not even one, ..or the worst, or strangest, or angriest, of us alone. Ever.

The stars are always with us during both the cloudiest & brightest of days ... not only on the clearest nights.

Keep your Faith. .....keep light alive in your heart. You are not alone. You are not alone. You are not Alone.

Believe this. .,....

The sun always sets to shine, ....even when the odds are, that it may not be seen by everyone, everyday. Keep this faith, Us, We..... You, are not alone, ever.

My love,


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